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19 Skit Set with CHICK DUCK & BIBLE Puppets / SAVE $16: The Puppet Factory

                                                                                  Reg. Price

B921 Bible Book Puppet (OUR choice red or black)                     $23.00                

Un111Chick Duck Puppet                                                   $20.00

Fm685 Sister Puppet (OUR Choice of Sister Puppet)                  $22.00

LTK105TP Bible Talk 19 Scripts Book & Cassette                    $15.00

Book/Cassette/Chick Duck /Bible & Sister Puppet Regular Price $78.00

SAVE $16.00

                                                                 Sale Price      $62.00

19 Skits using a Bible Puppet, Chick Duck, Sister Puppet or Leader.

May be performed live or with cassette tape.All are 2 mins or less.

GOD IS TALKING                     The Bible is God talking to you                     Bible & Chick Duck

BIBLE OR THE TV GUIDE           Don’t neglect your Bible                               Bible

BIBLE TALK                             Bible powerfully book                                   Bible

GOD’S LOVE LETTER                 Bible is God’s love letter to you                     Bible, Chick Duck

LIKE AN UMBRELLA                   Open the book and read it!                          Bible, Chick Duck

BIBLE ABUSE AT CHURCH          Don’t abuse your Bible                                 Bible, Person or Sister Puppet

DUCKS OR SPONGES                 Soaking up God’s word                                Bible

NEW TESTAMENT                       Riddle to help learn books of New Test.        Bible, Chick Duck

LIKE A MIRROR                         Reading the Bible reveals sin in our lives     Bible 

SOUL FOOD                              Reading the Bible is food for your spirit        Bible

THE BOOK OF ACTS                   The book of Acts                                       Bible, Chick Duck

TOOLS OF THE TRADE                Tool to using your Bible                             Bible

LIFE IN THE SEED                       Life starts as a seed                                 Bible

GOD’S LIBRARY                         Bible collection of books                            Bible

A SPECIAL WORD                      Hebrew 11:6                                             Bible, Sister Puppet

SHARE THE GOOD NEWS            Sharing God’s word                                     Bible, Chick Duck

GOOD NEWS BREAK                   I Peter 3:12                                              Bible, Sister Puppet

HE’S COMING BACK AGAIN          I Thessalonians 4:17                                 Bible, Sister Puppet

BE OF GOOD CHEER                  John 16:33                                               Bible, Sister Puppet


Theme: Don’t neglect your Bible.                     Puppet: Bible

Oh, I feel stiff today. Someone accidentally took me home with them and I’ve been lying on the table all week long. I don’t understand it. I was in a Christian home for one whole week and no body picked me up.At first, I thought they must be awfully busy. Then it happened, well it “almost” happened I mean. They sat down right beside the table where I was lying. The whole family, you should have seen them hustle. They were excited.Someone picked me up. They were going to have family devotions, but no, they picked up the booklet lying under me and laid me down again. I thought I was going to be read, but they were only reading the guide to decide which TV show to watch. That TV stayed on until everyone stumbled to bed-dog tired. The next day the same thing happened. And the next and the next and the NEXT! It was awful!

The folks in the house must have felt awful too. They were always arguing and fussing. Don’t they know the Bible gives folks the power to win over sin? Even King David said, and I quote, “thy word have I hid in mine heart that I might not sin against thee. ”Oh, well, I can’t help them if they never read me. Boy, am I glad to be back at church. (Turns to leave, then turns back around.) Say I was wondering, were you the one that accidentally took me home last week?