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2 Computer Chicks – web site design, Miva Merchant shopping carts, Miva Merchant Modules, web site hosting and search engine placement in Wichita, Kansas.

The page you are looking for was changed – we now list our portfolio in the right column of each site page…please look to the right and below on this page and you will see a list of current clients. In the meantime – we hope you will read all about our services:

Web Site Services – Besides being able to expect awesome customer service, you will also find that the CHICKS have the kind of expertise you need to gain that cutting edge with web site designs that scream on the search engines, reliable, fast in-house web site hosting, optimizing your site to make ranks on the search engines through SEO work and search engine marketing.We can also write a custom script to handle a lot of data and images, or a browser based data base to allow your employees to update fast changing portions of your website.We will also help you pick out a great domain name. If you haven’t picked one out yet…STOP…call us and let us show you our secret of picking the right name for your website. Pssst…by the way, it probably won’t include your company name…if you are really intrigued now…call us up and we will tell you why and help you pick the perfect domain name for your online presence!

E-Commerce Products and Services – If you are looking into starting an e-commerce web site business, we are experts at knowing what it takes to make it online, and to keep your competition in your rear-view mirror. We are proud to be a Miva Merchant Partner allowing us to offer you special Miva Merchant License pricing as well as Miva Merchant technical support and expertise.If you already have a shopping cart, but you don’t feel it is easy to administrate, or for your customers to use, or it is too limited, Miva Merchant is the answer. This shopping cart software is a dynamic browser based storefront development and management system that allows merchants to create and administrate multiple online stores from anywhere in the world. Click here to read more about Miva Merchant and how it can simplify and enhance your e-commerce world! Click here to see our Miva Merchant Shopping Cart!

Buy Miva Merchant Modules for Shopping Cart Customization – You cannot believe all the things you can do with third party Miva Modules! If you already own a Miva Merchant Store Front, you can customize it in a million different ways by adding modules. Such as:

  • Promotions, Marketing and Customer Loyalty: There is a MASSIVE amount of promotion type modules in the “Discounts and Promotions” category ranging from simple free shipping modules to complex coupon modules. Check out the one we are using at the top of our page: Subscribe2. It allows us to keep in touch with interested customers and visitors through a permission based mass email program…by the way if you didn’t sign up yet…please do…it is a fun way to receive great business, web site and SEO info to keep your Internet Business running smoothly.
  • Store Management and Maintenance: Keep your store tidy! Find easier ways to manage store contents!
  • Shipping and Checkout: People often underestimate the importance of the impact that shipping costs have on their customers. You should consider shipping to be a MARKETING related issue at your store. With that in mind, you may like to experiment with a “Free Shipping” promotion even if that means increasing your product prices to cover the cost! Need to allow your customer to split an order into different destinations? Need to control what shipping modules people see depending on the size of their order or what products are in the basket?
  • Look and Feel: It’s possible that there is only one small thing about your look and feel that is bugging you. If that is the case, then you might find a module that deals specifically with this problem. You install OpenUI*, you install the module and you are good to go…OR…Let’s assume that you want to make some pretty significant look and feel changes to your store. You can do that. The important thing to realize is that the more control you want, the more complex a module you are going to need to do it.
  • *What is OpenUI? You’ll see throughout Miva Modules Stores that there is a reference to a product called “OpenUI”. When you see this it refers to a Miva Add-In that is the foundation for many other modules. If you are getting into modules then sooner or later you’ll probably need to install OpenUI. Sooner is usually better!

Technical Support Services – We know that they are times when you just need that little bit of technical support…basic information on a basic issue that is driving you nuts and keeping you from enjoying your Internet Lifestyle. We provide an ever growing list of articles to assist you in free technical support issues that affect us in everyday ways. Keep checking back as we keep adding to this list. If you have a suggestion for something to add, please email us! If your need for technical support grows beyond our article base…please feel free to consult with us to solve your issue. That is what we are here for!