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2ComputerChicks Internet consultants – web site design, shopping carts and search engine placement

What is it anyway?

It’s your handle…your URL…your home on the World Web…your cyber address…ya know:-0

Basically it is your thingy. Can be .biz, .net, .org, .info, .us, .edu, .gov or anything else they have come up with lately…but if you own a commercial website you will usually want one with the .com ending.

Why do I need it?

You have to have one if you are going to have a site, shop, store, etc. on the Internet.

How do I get one?

Your domain name iswith any other product or service purchase of $100 or more. Just ask for it when you make your purchase.

What else will I need to have a web site?

You will need a fast loading, easy to navigate, well laid out, graphically interesting Site Design. In other words…don’t stunt their growth, guys! We have seen enough bad web design to choke a hungry vampire bat…we like to think that we can make something worth looking at! Check out our Portfolio to see what we have made for our clients all over the USA.