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What is a module?

A module is a piece of add-on software created by a third party other than Miva, but uniquely for Miva Carts to extend the uses and user friendliness of it either for you as the administrator of it or for your customer or both.

Why would I want one?

You might not…you might be perfectly happy with the way things are now. However you might wish for certain things to be added to your carts to make your life easier or the shopping experience of your customers better. Some Monthly Modules will apply to your industry or product and some won’t. No big deal. It is totally up to you!

What will this cost?

These modules will be offered for one month at a special flat rate including installation and software. The rate will depend on the module being offered that month, but normally we will offer modules between $25 and $100 one time fee. It’s your call, no commitment…you just pick the ones you want installed in your cart and pay the one time flat fee and that is that. Pick some, ignore some…your choice!!

How will I pay for these modules?

You will be sent a monthly Email allowing you to choose whether you want the module or not and there will be a link in the Email to our Shopping Cart allowing you to pay for the module by credit card or check or Pay Pal. No Commitments!!

When will this be offered?

Once per month around the first of the month. As soon as the next offer comes out, though it will too late for that special price. You can still get the module installed but it will not feature the club price. Once in awhile the price will be time sensitive and you will need to act immediately to get the special rate.

Do I have to stay on this list?

No way…We value your time and if these offers don’t interest you, please let us know and you will be taken off the list immediately.