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2ComputerChicks Internet consultants – web site design, shopping carts and search engine placement

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Who Are We?

Take Betty Boop, Minnie Mouse, Lucy Arnez, and Ma Barker, roll them together once and you have one of us…roll again, and you get the other!

Zenn is the Ex-Hippy, Ex-Surfer Girl, Ex-Military, Over Achieving, Work-A-Holic Search Engine Geek, Caffeine Junkie who does her best work before the sun has come up. Click here for her measurements.

Dimples is the Gangster Mol who likes to Swing Dance and hang out with hep cats like King Pin and Nails. She can shoot like Machine Gun Betty, so don’t step on HER toes!! She loves to cook, especially gourmet sites for her customers. If you’d like a taste test…lick here.

What can the Chicks do for YOU?

We are available for Midnight Design Rendezvous, Singing E-Mails, and Pinup Posters. Click here to order up a Hot Chick to go!! Whoa, not all of you at once…give us some room to maneuver!!

Will the Chicks do our laundry? Clean the House?

Hey, let’s be honest here, we can’t even get our own laundry done. But we are quite good at cleaning up old dead designs and creating a fresh face for your site…so give us a call if your site needs a new look. We can give your face a new look too…click here to get your very own Caricature.

What else can you do for me?

We can take you from a fledgling business idea and grow you into a profit making machine! Fill out our consultation form here and let us know what you need to make your business grow and the Chicks can do it!! See our client list to see who the Chicks are helping right now!! Hey, no peeking in the back room…it hasn’t been cleaned for awhile! We ran out of Canned Air:-)