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Meta tags are a group of words and phrases plus a short summary that describes the contents of a web site. They are written at the beginning of the site’s programming; in the programming language (HTML), but are not visible to anyone looking at the web site as they surf the net.

Some ‘crawler’ search engines access the meta tags, and use them as a reference for categorizing a site, and where that site should be listed in their database.

Many crawlers also index on other data in a web page such as the ‘alt’ tags for images plus heading and title tags. Different meta tag rules apply to different crawlers and the rules keep changing…therefore, the lack of sleep that we suffer at times…as we keep on top of the rules!! Therefore, the terrible caffeine ravings.

It is important to converse with your web developer (that’s us) to get the meta tags right for each and every page of your website. For some search engines, the correct choice of words for your meta tags is essential in getting your site indexed and therefore found by your target audience. If we do a Meta Tag Service for your site, we will work with you at length in achieving the perfect choice of keywords and they might differ for each page as we seek to target the right audience for each page of your site.

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While we cannot get you a great modeling contract, we CAN supply you with all the services and know-how to successfully and efficiently get your website listed with high rankings in the search engines.