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FFA (free for all)

Many people have differing views on FFA (free for all) submission sites but this is mainly due to misunderstanding how search engines work. As mentioned before, many search engines take ‘popularity’ into account when organizing their listings.

FFA’s are seen as a great way to get your popularity up, by getting your site listed (and therefore linked) on hundreds of websites. One important thing to remember though is that the FFA databases are often used by spamming companies to grab Email addresses.

Also, very important to remember…some search engines (Google in particular) actually penalize you for listing on an FFA. When indexing your site, Google cross references against it’s database of ‘link farms’ and penalizes your listing if you are found in one or more link farms. Links farms are any site which most of it’s page is devoted purely to link lists (this includes all FFA sites).

The Chicks Recommendation: It is actually better to get a few decent links with sites that rate well in the search engines themselves rather that hundreds of links on FFA sites! Dooooon’t do it!!

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