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2ComputerChicks Internet consultants – web site design, shopping carts and search engine placement

What is Site Marketing for?

SITE VISIBILITY…need we say more?

Why do I need it?

An Internet site needs to be promoted, and promotion needs to be maintained, if the sites visibility on the Internet is to be maintained.

People come to Internet sites through a huge range of ways and means. -Many will find you on the Internet (e.g.. from a link on another site, by searching a subject on a search engine or perhaps listed in a directory or other type of listing). -Some will see your URL (i.e.. web site address) printed on an advertisement or brochure.

-Some people may be referred to your site; others may read about your site in an article somewhere.

What Methods do the Chicks approve of?

Together, we can increase your visibility by many different means, including: -We can Submit the site for listing in free Themed Directories or Search Engines. -You can send press releases to newspapers, magazines, radio, TV etc. -You can help through printing and displaying posters in appropriate places (e.g.. Internet cafés; computer shops or bulletin boards). -Directly approaching owners of other sites, and offering to swap links (i.e.. they give you a link on their site, in exchange for you giving them a link on yours. -We can Submit to Pay-For directory services (such as Yahoo or Lycos) to review and list your website in their directory under the appropriate categories (This used to be a free service but due to changes in methods of income on the Internet since the year 2000, many search engines are now charging for this service.)

-We can help you start and maintain a monthly opt in Email Newsletter that you can send to current and potenitial customers to promote sales.

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