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What is it anyway?

A third-party processor set up with a mechanism for accepting credit card payments. This mechanism can be retail countertop equipment for swiping cards, or an Electronic Web-Based Software that processes in real time over the Internet. We provide both INTERNET and RETAIL credit card processing services. If you do not have a Merchant Account set up you need to do that first!!

Why do I need it?

While you may have a Merchant Account already, without Payment Processing Services you do not have any way to actually go out and process the credit card in real time on the without either some equipment if you are Retail (like a swipe machine), or some processing software if you are Internet based. You have to have a secure way to do processing in real time. That is what processing gateway software and services do for you. And they do it in a very secure enviroment so that you can trust that your customers credit card information will remain safe.

How do I get one?

Fill out the form here for your Free E-Commerce Consultation and we will put together a quote for you and send you the appropriate applications etc. Or give us a call at 316-686-2284 for immediate attention! We are here to answer all your questions and to help you undestand the whole E-Commerce process…we know that it is a bit overwhleming at first.

What else will I need to be able to accept credit cards?

You will need a Merchant Account…a specialized Bank Account to accept the payments once they are approved. Once there, they can be transferred to your Business Checking Account. You will also need software called a Shopping Cart on your site to collect the order info at the beginning of the E-Commerce process.