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What is it anyway?

Basically, the term refers to a specialized Bank Account that Credit Card and eCheck payments can be deposited into once processed. Fill out the form here for your Free E-Commerce Consultation.

Why do I need one?

Merchant Account Providers provide you with equipment and software to allow you to process all credit card orders and have them deposited to your Merchant Account and then transferred to your Business Banking Account. You need one for Retail and one for Internet stores. Credit Card Laws insist on keeping Retail and Internet processing separate because of the higher fraud rate associated with Internet Processing.

How do I get one in 7 days?

Fill out the form here for your Free E-Commerce Consultation and we will put together a quote for you and send you the appropriate paperwork etc. to get started. The process takes about seven to fourteen days if you have all the payments and paperwork turned in at the same time and your paperwork is filled out completely. Merchant Accounts are acquired through our affiliation with EXS Processing…Click here to visit their site for more info! Electronic Exchange Systems is a registered ISO/MSP of HSBC Bank, National Association, Buffalo, NY.

What else will I need to be able to accept credit cards?

Once you open a merchant account, the bank arranges a third-party processor (or Electronic Gateway Software) to set up a mechanism for accepting credit card payments. We provide Authorizenet, a company that offers Web-based payment-processing software as well as retail processing services. You will also need software called a Shopping Cart on your site to collect the order info at the beginning of the E-Commerce process.