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2ComputerChicks Internet consultants – web site design, shopping carts and search engine placement

Programming is the backbone of the Internet…

…and by using it we are able to utilize the Web to its full potential.  Programming in HTML, DHTML, Java Script, CGI, and PHP allows for custom search engines, databases, and interactive forms.  Custom programs can dramatically increase the functionality of your Web Site, allowing you and your customers ease of use and quick information.

Why might I need a Database and Script to Run It?

You might want more control over the content of your site…the ability to make on the fly, 24/7 updates or changes to that content and not have to contact your web site designer each and every time.  Databases can be especially useful for manufacturers, mail-order firms, Search Engine Sites, or any company that maintains ongoing data for their site. Make large amounts of data available for the world to see with simplicity…easily post a collection of articles… or your entire inventory online, while simplifying the ordering process for the customers through the use of online forms.

How do I get a QUOTE?

If you would like to receive a free quotation for your specific Design Project, please fill in the quotation form and we will return an estimate based on the information you send us.

Can we see how some of the Chicks have used Data Base Programming?

Sure can…here is a list of a few of the sites that we have made custom data base scripts for: – Database inventory control and ordering system. Can be updated on the fly 24/7. – Calendar database for info input and output and search engine. Can be updated on the fly 24/7. – Auction Listings Display Page and Details Page all running off a customs database and script. Can be updated on the fly 24/7. – Photo Shoot Schedule database and search engine. Can be updated on the fly 24/7.