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Administrative Tool Box Book: The Puppet Factory

You have been invited to become a part of the ministry staff at your church. Excitedly you put your Bible, pad of paper and ink pen into your carry bag and off you go to the first staff meeting.

“What is your personal ministry philosophy? What are you going to do to expand or improve the existing ministry programs for children? How are you going to address the special needs of the Smith’s handicapped child or that obnoxious sixth grade boy? We need more help in Mr. Jones’ second grade class and childcare for the adult Bible Study groups. Oh, you have an $8,000 budget limit and we need a detailed report on how you are going to use this money by next week!”

Philosophy? Childcare? Budget? What do these things have to do with teaching children? Your excitement is replaced with, “What have I gotten myself into?”

Well, help is here! The Administrative Tool Box is a practical guide jam-packed with illustrations that will take you step-by-step through the building of YOUR Children’s Ministry. You will learn the tools you need to start YOUR ministry from scratch or to repair a weathered one. Learn your responsibilities as a director, how to develop YOUR ministry teams and refine the ministry programs for the children in YOUR church.

Topics include:

  • Develop YOUR Ministry Philosophy
    • Where to Start
    • Seven Steps to being an CHM Director
  • Develop YOUR Leadership Team
    • Identify Your Goals
    • Questions to Guide You in Selecting Your Team
  • Develop YOUR Ministry Goals
    • Construct Programs From Nursery to Junior Camp
    • Job Descriptions – Your Road Map to Success
  • Develop YOUR Ministry Teams
    • Recruiting Volunteers & Placing in Ministry Strengths
    • Train for Ministry
  • Develop YOUR Communication Plan
    • Promoting Your Plan, Ministry and Dreams

Download a FREE sample in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat required).