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Email Tech Support

6. This is the Email server name. it is very important that you put these in here exactly as shown, otherwise the mail will neither be deliverable nor will you receive any.

The incoming mail server needs to be set as the default: POP3. This is the server your emails sit on until you go to download it to your Email client. If we are hosting your website, this is our server that it sits on and in your account on our server.

You need to set it to….this is important…please change yourdomain to your actual domain name. Example: If your domain name is, you will fill in Another example: your domain name is…you will fill in

The SMTP or Outgoing mail server needs to be set to use the SMTP server that is provided by your ISP. This means that whoever you buy your Internet Connection (NOT hosting) from (Dial-up, DSL, Cable, Satellite) needs to be contacted and find out what they want you to use for a SMTP server. That info needs to be put in here exactly as they give it to you. Mistakes in spelling, or adding spaces or capital letters can cause this to malfunction. Perfection is a necessity here.