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Quick Definitions for ‘Spam’:

noun: a canned meat made largely from pork
noun: unwanted e-mail (usually of a commercial nature sent out in bulk)
verb: send unwanted or junk e-mail

Spam Laws

Why don’t the 2 Computer Chicks add a Spam Filter to Their Hosting Server?

We have made a policy to date that we will NOT install a server-wide spam filter for these reasons:

Spam filters are not reliable because they are written with a list or words to filter and that list sometime can contain words that are legitimate…like the word ‘chick’ for example. This means that if we install a server wide filter and it includes legitimate words that have to do with specific industries that you do business with, you will suddenly not receive emails that you need to receive to conduct business.

At no time do we want to be responsible for making decisions that can affect the life or death of your bottom line and your reputation.

So to meet the need for anti-spam solutions we have created this list of resources to help you take control over spam on an individual basis.

These resources have been used by us or by our customers and come highly recommended:

–>Join 3.5 million other people who use the award winning MailWasher Pro to combat spam. Click here for more info on this great piece of software.

–>iHateSpam Eliminate Annoying Spam with iHateSpam™. The Ultimate Weapon Against Junk E-Mail!

–>Benign® software stops viruses, worms scripts, web bugs and other nasties from attacking your computer, using this powerful email neutralizing software. Click here for more info on this great piece of software.