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Email Tech Support

Stop viruses, worms scripts, web bugs and other nasties from attacking your computer, using this powerful email neutralizing software! Benign takes in email and simply produces, safer email!

Imagine being able to receive email which is safe from viruses, worms, scripts, web bugs, privacy threats and other security risks, without affecting your email.

Benign® neutralizes or strips out the code that makes viruses, worms and scripts and other potentially harmful things run. That’s why we called it Benign®, it makes downloading your email safe. In fact, it’s the perfect companion to our other product – MailWasher® Pro.

Did you know viruses and email worms can run automatically just by reading your email? What about links called web bugs that automatically confirm you have a valid address as soon as you preview your email? If this happens, you have a good chance that some marketing companies will start sending you lots of spam because they know your address works!

Web-bugs, viruses and malicious attchments never looked so harmless. Only $39.95!

Security Issues and Down Time
In recent years, security has become a huge problem for email software and Internet service providers. Security problems are routinely found in stand alone email software such as Microsoft’s Outlook and Outlook Express, with patches being issued literaly every month. Users and IT managers who do not religiously upgrade their desktop as soon as these patches are released are then vulnerable to real-world attacks, and frequently, find themselves infected by a worm or virus.

People in such situations are faced not only with the time and cost to clean their own machines, but also with the embarrassment of explaining the ensuing virus email sent to their friends and clients. Businesses are finding that the damage to their client relationships can be severe, and there has been a growing awareness that businesses may be liable for damages done to the recipients of such worms as a result of the businesses’ negligence.

Benefits and Uniqueness
The key point that makes Benign® different is the approach that has been taken to ensure the security of your email. Whereas the majority of programs attempt to solve the problem by trying to scan for the specific problems they are aware of, Benign® does it ‘the proper way’ – it fully decodes the email, removes anything dangerous or malicious, and then rewrites the email in such a way as to guarantee that it will be interpreted by your mail program as it should be. This is all done instantly.

Easy and User Friendly
Benign works with any email program, so you can use it right away. It sits quietly in your system tray stripping out the bad content from email as they come into your computer without altering the original look of the email.

It’s instant! Benign® won’t slow you computer or email retrieval down, you’ll just keep downloading your email as usual.

It’s so simple to setup, just import your accounts into Benign® and you’re done. Benign® picks up your email before your email program does and neutralizes or strips out the bad stuff. You don’t have to change anything about how you normally receive your email, just receive email as you normally would and Benign® will neutralize the nasties as they enter your computer.

Web-bugs, viruses and malicious attchments never looked so harmless. Only $39.95!