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> The Anti-Spam Solution
MailWasher Pro is an anti-spam program that effectively filters unsolicited commercial e-mail, more commonly known as spam. Protecting users from e-mail borne security threats, MailWasher Pro stops all unwanted mail from reaching inboxes and inconveniencing users.

> Why was MailWasher Pro developed?
MailWasher Pro was created to let users reclaim control of their e-mail. The overwhelming amount of spam on the Internet is set to increase exponentially over the next few years, with users already facing serious security threats, families being exposed to objectionable content and product scams bombarding inboxes worldwide. MailWasher Pro protects users from these threats and allows safe, secure management of their e-mail. Previewing messages on their mail server, MailWasher Pro lets users delete any harmful content before it reaches their mail program and wreaks havoc on their computer. Created for home users who deem their online privacy and security as paramount, MailWasher Pro has already become a highly regarded e-mail security solution.

> How does MailWasher Pro work?
MailWasher Pro automatically detects spam by scanning the body text, consulting online databases of known spam, together with blacklists users have created and optional user-configured filters.

The software has a simple three-step process:

1. Check incoming mail 2. Mark mail for deletion and/or bounce

3. Process mail

The software then assigns incoming mail with a status determining what action the user should take. MailWasher Pro has a unique bounce feature, which sends a message back to the sender appearing as though their e-mail address does not exist. Safely previewing mail from the ISP’s server, MailWasher Pro eliminates spam before it can pose a security threat to a users system. Users then process their mail, and can open their mail program from the MailWasher Pro window if desired. MailWasher Pro supports the POP3 protocol – which is the most common way to access e-mail. MailWasher Pro also supports Hotmail’s 110 million users who receive around 80% of all spam according to reports.

Because the software utilises human intelligence, legitimate mail is never blocked and only messages that have been bounced are added to the users Blacklist. Trusted senders can be added to the Friends list ensuring messages from family, friends and colleagues are never flagged. MailWasher Pro is available as a FREE fully functional 30 day trial download. MailWasher Pro is simple in design and very user-friendly, it takes only minutes to configure and learn how to use.

Delete spam, viruses and other unwanted emails right at the server. Only $37.00!

> Features and Benefits of Using MailWasher Pro
It’s Easy
Simple in design and layout, MailWasher Pro is easy to configure and highly customisable. It only takes a few minutes to learn how to use and the simplistic design allows users of all capabilities to utilise this extremely effective software.

It’s Quick
As MailWasher Pro leaves the body of the message on the ISP server, it works extremely quickly – having clocked amazing speeds of 25 e-mail headers per second – thus saving valuable time and resources that would otherwise be wasted manually filtering e-mail. This security feature also allows only legitimate mail to reach the recipients’ mail program, blocking harmful attachments and viruses before they can infect the user’s computer.

Unique Bounce Feature
MailWasher Pro returns a message to senders informing them that the recipient’s address is invalid. As spammers think the address no longer exists they will remove recipients from their bulk-mailing lists.

Support For Hotmail
MailWasher Pro provides an effective spam-filtering solution for Hotmail’s 110 million users, who are the major targets of spammers and receive around 80% of all spam messages.

Advanced Filtering MailWasher Pro’s advanced filtering automatically spots spam using customisable blacklists and/or regular expression filters to eliminate potential spam messages.

Inboxes are no longer cluttered with unsolicited advertising and unwanted junk, users receive only legitimate mail and experience e-mail the way it should be!

Top Level Support
Our support desk provides thorough and prompt technical help via e-mail. The support team’s rapid and individualised responses ensure MailWasher Pro users experience optimum effectiveness of their software.

> The sad facts about spam and viruses

  • Pornographic spam is the fastest increasing spam, you don’t want your children to view this stuff!
  • 95% of all viruses are sent through e-mail
  • The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial E-mail (CAUCE) estimates that over 10% of all email sent is spam.
  • Most spam is fraudelent.
  • Spam is a huge waste of resources and time
  • By 2005, the average user will receive 1600 pieces of spam.
  • The love bug virus cost the US economy an estimated $8.7 billion worth of damage.
  • Delete spam, viruses and other unwanted emails right at the server. Only $37.00!