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21” English Puppets – Clothes and mum’s earring are for pictures only. Set does not include any clothes. This is the only set we have brought over from England to USA at this time. Not to worry they adapt to English Language with no problem. 

EP8000 English Puppet Starter Kit   Retail Cost $282.50 

                                     Fallsale2003D      $242.50   (save $40.00)

Kit includes:

21” Mum, Dad, Brother, Sister Will not have any clothes.
4-sets of rods
Extra Rubber bands for rods
1- Puppet in Action #1 Scrip book with CD
6 recorded puppet scripts ranging from 4 t0 10 min. using from 2 to 6 puppets
1- Puppet Bag

They are very high quality puppets.  Fabric is very high-density velour that will not break down. The mouth is very easy to use with an elastic strap upper and lower mouth. Rods/& extra rubber bands come with the puppets.  The Dad’s mustache is sewn on not glued. All the puppets hair is sewn not glued on.  Meets the USA safety codes.

Puppets in Action #1 CD Included:

Under Construction Kelly teaches Dirk, a construction worker, what Christians are really made of.

Are you Colorblind? James learns from his teacher how colors can help him understand his conscience.

Man-On-The-Go Interview Characters:  Male reporter, female sponsor, Herk interviewer, Rock, an older couple Charlie and Cynthia.  Herk interview gold medalists about their strategy of perseverance and how it can really pay off in the Christian life.

The Light of the world Huey and Frieda talk about how we can let Christ’s light shine through them.

The Interstellar Communication Device Two aliens confront a Sunday school teacher to find the secret device that allows humans to communicate with the Creator.

His Hands Several “hand” puppets portray different types of people, and the main character, Greg Handsome, discovers that living God’s way calls for people to be “real” and available for God to use.