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GUY SPY AND I WITNESS NEWS 1 or 2 / SAVE $5.00: The Puppet Factory

Fourteen newscast style monologues featuring Bible time announcer Hugh Otto Knowe. Two-minute reports keep you posted on New Testament events, including four stories about Easter. Pre-recorded skits on CD, with printed scripts included. Written by Randy Benefield.

  • Starry Night, King’s Plight (wicked Herod)

  • Missing Boy Found in Temple (young Jesus)

  • Pool Party Puts Damper on Swim Meet (baptism of Jesus)

  • A Taste of Galilee (feeding 5,000)

  • A Walk on the Waves (Jesus Walks on Water)

  • Pigs’ Feet Plunge them into a Pickle (demons into hogs)

  • Lazarus Lives (resurrection of Lazarus)

  • Five-alarm Fire Fuels Followers (Pentecost)

  • Stephen Stoned (death of Stephen)

  • Saul Sees the Light (Saul’s conversion)

  • Parade Puts Prophet in New Light (Easter part 1)

  • Upper Room Opens to Small Crowd (Easter part 2)

  • Jesus Dies (Easter part 3)

  • Jesus Lives (Easter part 4)