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Little Pilgrim’s Progress Notebook or CD-ROM: The Puppet Factory

Little Pilgrim’s Progress Notebook $65 or CD-ROM $55

“Children, Children! Have you heard the Good News? Have you heard the stories about the Celestial City? The good King who lives there loves you and wants you to come live with Him forever!”

Thus begins the story of a young boy, Little Christian, who travels from the city of Destruction to the Celestial City. It is the story of every Christian’s journey to everlasting life with Christ!

Little Pilgrim’s Progress is the adaptation of John Bunyan’s classic book, Pilgrim’s Progress, for children. Helen L. Taylor tells Christian’s story from the time Evangelist points out where he is to start his journey to the great city until he meets the King. She tells of the people Christian meets long the way like Obstinate and Pliable, Help, the Giant Despair, Faith and many more!

In each lesson, Evangelist connects the story to the Bible making this a comprehensive study of a favorite Christian classic.

This curriculum includes:

  • Chapter Summary
  • Snacks and Crafts
  • The Bible Connection with Evangelist
  • Scripture Memory
  • Games to emphasize the story or the Bible Connection
  • Wall map of Christian’s Journey

Download a FREE sample in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat required).