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Magic Rabbit w/ Hat & Hand Hole Template, Book & Hat Prop Kit: The Puppet Factory

Magic Rabbit, Book and Prop Kit You’ll love this charming rabbit puppet in its home, a black magician’s hat. This character does not have a moving mouth, but is designed to have expressive arm motions. It is great as a silent ventriloquism partner.

Realm of the Rabbit Book

A collection of ideas and routines for use with a Rabbit in the Hat puppet. The rabbit captures everyone in its spell. This rabbit isn’t magical; it isn’t alive; it’s a puppet. A small inanimate collection of fake fur and stuffing with an ordinary black hat has, well… an absorbing personality!

Learn how to take such simple ingredients and create a wonderful world of unforgettable ministry opportunities with a Rabbit in the Hat puppet. Written by Douglas L. Wathen.

Chapter titles include:

  • Getting Started

  • Bit by Bit

  • Something Happens

  • The Balloon Trick

  • Dove from Rabbit

  • Welcome to Peking

  • Always on my Mind

  • A Refreshing Trick

  • Christmas Stuff

This professionally produced perfect bound book covers everything you will need to know to get started using a silent “rabbit in the hat puppet” in your program.* No need to learn ventriloquism. The puppet never says a word! The book includes many trick and full routine ideas such as The “Balloon trick”, “Welcome to Peking”, and “Dove from rabbit” There is even a Christmas routine. The book has many pictures to help illustrate looks and postures used to make the rabbit puppet “come alive”. This is great comedy that will add to any performance, be it straight magic, clown, comedy, kids shows, or banquets.

Book includes Gospel patter for routines.

(*Warning: Repeated use of the material in this book may result in the rabbit becoming the star of your show.)

Rabbit in the Hat Prop Kit

This kit is compiled by Douglas L.Wathen, author of “Realm of the Rabbit” to accompany the Rabbit in the Hat puppet. Routines described in his book show how you can use simple props such as these to successfully make the rabbit come alive. Includes hankie, bundle of fake TNT, plastic chain, round balloons, and a red Christmas stocking. Routines not included.