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Overhead Bible Games CD-ROM: The Puppet Factory

Each game has its own transparency master(s) needed to play it as well as appropriate Bible questions and player markers. In fact, one game can be played on a blank wall and another one can be played on the floor with the kids being the actual game pieces! It sure is a fun way to reinforce your Bible lesson because kids listen better because they can’t wait to play the game.

Games include:

  • Bible Baseball – Batter up! Earn 1, 2, 3 or 5 points for your team each time you are up to bat. Bonus points are awarded when your team picks a Bonus Inning card.
  • Bible Bust – Travel through time using this game! Meet Bible heroes as you play this game that resembles Monopoly.
  • Bible Squares – Three in a row will earn your team 100 points! There are 16 different sets of questions already prepared for you providing hours of fun as you review Bible facts learned.
  • Pass the Word – Win points every time you name the category of people, places or things based on the clues given. There are twenty-two games with five categories for each. So … PASS THE WORD to all of your friends and neighbors!
  • Scripture Squad – Make up your own answers to this fun game that looks a whole lot like Family Feud!
  • Take the Challenge – Have fun playing this game that resembles Jeopardy. Play one game, answer up to thirty-six Bible questions correctly and your team can earn up to 10,400 points!
  • Wheel of Faith – If you know the alphabet, you can play this game. There are 438 possible answers given in this book or you can think of your own.

Download a FREE sample in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat required).