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Prince Caspian Notebook or CD-ROM: The Puppet Factory

Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter sat at a quiet country train station in England waiting for the trains to take them away to school. Suddenly they felt something weird pulling at them and found themselves back in Narnia!

Thus begins the second story of The Chronicles of Narnia. Although the children are only a year older, hundreds of years have passed in Narnia time leaving the countryside a maze of overgrown trees and bushes. It is here that the children first meet a most unusual character named Trumpkin and a prince named Caspian.

Prince Caspian is the story of the adventures of the young Pevensies as they travel back to Narnia to help restore Caspian to his rightful place as King of Narnia. This companion study will take the reader chapter by chapter through this magical tale helping us to understand the meaning behind the story…FAITH in a world that has focused on “logic” for direction. This study will connect these principles of FAITH to God’s Word.

This curriculum includes:

  • Chapter Summary
  • Snacks and crafts
  • The Bible Connection
  • Scripture Memory
  • Games to emphasize the story or the Bible Connection
  • Prayer & small group discussion
  • Wall map of the children’s journey from the train station to Cair Paravel and back!

Download a FREE sample in PDF format (Adobe Acrobat required).