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If You Are Experiencing Weird Email Glitches and You Use Norton Anti-Virus…

This is for you!

If you find that your emails all of a sudden quit downloading into your email program like Outlook, or if you find that the same emails download over and over again into Outlook hundreds of times, there is a very good chance that spam or a viral email has hacked off Norton and it has decided to quit downloading emails on that account to your Outlook or it may have gotten stuck on one or more and keeps trying to download it.

There is a simple fix for this!

You may have to repeat these steps each and everytime your emails hit the above snag…since we are receiving spam and viral emails at a greater amount these days than in the past. Do these steps any time you find the above symptoms.


Do not forget to turn back on your Email Scanning at the end of these steps, or you will be left defensless against viral emails!!!!!!

Step One: Find the Norton Icon in your “TRAY” in the bottom right corner of your monitor. Double-Click it…wait a second and you will see this window open—–>.
Step Two: Click on the LIVE UPDATE button at the top left to update your virus definitions. This lets your Norton software detect the latest viruses that have been created. Run through all the screens and allow it to do it’s thing.
Step THREE: Click on the OPTIONS button at the top left.
Step FOUR: Click on the EMAIL button at middle left.
Step FIVE: Uncheck the “Scan Incoming Email” button…temporily.

Step Six: Go back into your Email Program, like Outlook and hit the “Send and Receive” button.

Step Seven: You will find that it downloads what looks like an empty email…this is where Norton got hung up. Just delete this empty email and all other junk/viral email immediately!
Step Eight: Go back to your Norton’s Screen and Re-Check the “Scan Incoming Email” button. This turns back on your email virus protection! Very important…DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP!!